Welcome to Bend And Ascend, a place set to explore the art of body movement.

I am a yoga teacher who happens to be a climber, and in addition to yoga and climbing, I  have a special place in my heart for circus arts, such as aerial silks, hoop, hand balancing, and acrobatic elements. Here you will find my class schedule and my thoughts.



“Really didn’t know what to expect going into my first lesson, but I’m glad I went. As a beginner you worry a lot about making mistakes but the teacher is encouraging and guides the class through every movement and provides variations and props to also help if you find a particular pose to be tough. The atmosphere is very friendly and calming, perfect for classes especially after a long day at work. Highly recommend taking lessons with Cat for any level but especially for beginners who want to take things at their own stride and slowly get into the world of yoga.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday morning flow yoga with Cat. Excellent variation between sessions and the right amount of encouragement and support.”

“Great session had by my eldest & I can’t wait to return. Thank you so much for accommodating my family”

“My fitness has gone up and I’m a lot more bendy! Cat is a great instructor, she is friendly and gives you variations if you find something too challenging or too easy.
I’m an incredibly lazy person but I’ve been going twice a week since it opened so if it keeps me going then it must be fab!”

“I had my first ever yoga class yesterday with Cat. Can’t believe it’s taken so long to get started and had a lot of fun. It had a really friendly atmosphere and you’re able to go at your own pace throughout the session in a small group. And although I’m still just starting out, I look forward to heading back next week.”

“Cat and I had a beautiful session Wednesday and it was so refreshing and mindful. What an amazing teacher and friend she is. The session was fun, productive and cat is amazing as making all feel at ease with things they can and can’t do. Easing each individual into moves in a way that benefits and fits them personally. Overall I hope to make these sessions a regular thing and I can wait to improve, bend and ascend. Namaste 🕉❤”