NY Resolutions Actually Worth Making

Every New Year’s Day comes with a wave of people bravely declaring their intentions to change their life. Ah, the New Year’s Resolutions! Ironically, they are often recycled from the year before – top five include losing weight, buying something significant – like a car or a house, unattainable amount of travel destinations, or books to read, or films to see. The key to sticking to your intentions is to start small and focus on quality vs quantity. Diving head first into the new lifestyle of yours gets overwhelming, so you have a cheat day. And then comes the guilt, so you find an excuse to postpone going back to your chosen resolution. The more radical the change, the more hesitant you become. So here is a list of New Year’s resolutions actually worth making, along with tips on easing yourself into it. Continue reading “NY Resolutions Actually Worth Making”

Make Nature Beautiful Again

If you are an outdoorsy person, I’m sure this happened to you. You go for a walk in the park and come across an abandoned tyre.¬†You go for a run along the canals and notice all the bottles and cans floating in the water. You go climbing and find crisp packets when you reach the crag. You go hiking and step on a shard of glass. You’re foraging in the woods and find a used condom. You’re walking your dog and step into someone else’s dog’s faeces.

Thankfully, there’s an initiative to make nature beautiful again, cleaning up local nature reserves, woodland, parks and such like ran by a single person. It runs entirely on donations, so if it sounds like an initiative you’d like to support, you can do so by donating funds, or joining Ian on his clean-up trips. To learn more, click the links below!

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