Product Review: Pongoose Climber 700

I was immediately drawn to PC700 after seeing tutorial videos, eagerly waiting for the product to be released so that I could order one. I did have a slight worry on the back of my mind that maybe it’s not as easy to use as it is shown, or that maybe its functionality is a little bit exaggerated. Thankfully, Ian and I were taking a trip to Dorset the following weekend so luckily for us, we had the Pongoose crew with us for our first experience, ready to show us the ropes (ha!) and answer any questions we may have had. Continue reading “Product Review: Pongoose Climber 700”

Inside The Newest Bouldering Centre in Birmingham

Photos kindly provided by Archie Cameron-Blackie

It’s no longer a secret – the Birmingham branch of The Depot which opened  last month is clearly the biggest centre in West Midlands solely dedicated to bouldering, and I get to work there! It has hundreds of set problems, two training mezzanine areas, a café, and even its own shop. Continue reading “Inside The Newest Bouldering Centre in Birmingham”

CWA Training

We came home from Font at 2 o’clock in the morning, and eight hours later I walked into Redpoint Birmingham, ready for my Climbing Wall Award training. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – I knew that by the end of it, I should have enough tools to teach people to climb and to belay, as well as deal with any problems that may occur during the sessions, and look out for potential risks as I run sessions at a climbing wall.  Continue reading “CWA Training”