Five Reasons to Attend Yoga Workshops

Most studios and individual teachers run workshops alongside their regular classes, often focusing on a particular aspect of yoga – physical, or mental alike. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a go.

  • You learn new things

This may seem like an obvious one, but some people avoid booking onto workshops thinking they have nothing left to learn. In my experience, every single workshop and masterclass I attended provided me with a variety of tools and a new perspective. Handstand workshops are not only for those unfamiliar with the concept – complete beginners would be able to learn how to enter inversions and condition their body, while people already familiar with handstands could learn new ways to warm up, to strengthen their core, or challenging variations of poses they have already mastered. As a yoga teacher, you get the added bonus of learning new ways of verbal guidance that you might later recycle in your own classes and workshops.

  • It can jump-start your practice if you’re stuck

Sometimes our yoga practice is not where we want it to be. Maybe you can’t find time for it. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to make any progress. Maybe you’ve had an injury and are somewhat wary of restarting your practice. Workshops are great for reigniting your passion and providing motivation for you to take action.

  • It’s a great workout

Unlike the usual 60-minute class, workshops normally last 2-3 hours (or three days, if it’s with Felipe Salas). Meditation workshops aside, three hours of practice can be really challenging physically, although if it’s any consolation, you end up feeling great afterwards!

  • The atmosphere is something special

I can’t quite describe it but if you’ve been to a yoga workshop, you probably know what I mean. Workshops are interesting and educational, but they are also fun. They make you work hard, but you also get to laugh and fall over and make awkward noises… They challenge you, yet make you realise that failing is just something you do on your way to success.

  • You make friends!

Yoga is about making connections – to your mind, to your body, and to the world around you. The word itself, translated from Sanskrit, takes on the meaning of union, connection and contact. Unsurprisingly, in yoga workshops you often end up meeting like-minded people.

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