Book Review: Yoga for Climbers by Nicole Tsong

How to stretch, strengthen, and climb higher.

I started reading this book expecting to see things I already knew, and I was so pleasantly surprised.

The book lays out the essence and purpose of yoga beautifully without crossing into a soppy or preachy territory. It’s poetic without being too poetic. I was especially impressed with how it manages to explain the basics of meditation, breathwork, body locks and poses in simple but effective ways. It gives you helpful tips on creating a suitable environment for your practice, the equipment you may need, and my favourite – finding a yoga class to suit your needs.

The poses are laid out in a really comprehensive way, including the benefits offered by the pose, the way it contributes to your climbing experience, anatomic drawings of affected body parts, demo photographs, as well as modifications in case you wish to ease it, or deepen the pose. The book gives a few practice sequences and even links you to a PDF of cheat sheets for the featured sequences.

If you’re a climber, this book sure knows its audience, and would serve as an excellent tool to transition into yoga.

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