Training Day at The Depot

On Monday, we left the house early and set the course for Manchester. As some of you may already know, I am soon starting a job at The Depot bouldering centre that will be opening in Birmingham very soon, so on Monday we went to their Manchester branch to receive some training. I won’t bore you with the details of the safety training, however there two reasons I wanted to capture this experience.

First of all, I got to have a sneak peak at the Birmingham centre that is currently being built. Now, I can’t reveal anything specific for obvious reasons but I can tell you it’s going to have a huge impact on the climbing scene. It’s close enough to city centre to draw in anybody working or studying in Birmingham. It’s absolutely massive, and you can imagine what a climbing wall can do with this amount of space. The training areas are going to be mindblowing, there’s an ample car park, and among other things, the centre’s going to be very good-looking. I got to meet the people I will be working with, so I am pretty sure you won’t disappointed with the climbers working at The Depot.

After our safety training, we received some of our Rock Tots training – again, something to be excited about. I will write about it in more detail after the rest of my training this upcoming Sunday, however if you have small squishies you’d like to bring climbing, that will be an option at The Depot.

I also got to browse through the Manchester shop where I picked up a book about yoga for climbers which I will take time to read and review sometime in the near future.

The Depot Birmingham Facebook Page

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